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Review Friday: Zaron Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

Good day to you all my blog family. How has your week been thus far? For me, I have been doing just well especially in terms of trying to heal my sprained ankle. Tomorrow is the Genevieve Pink Ball and people, I have to look glamorous for the carpet (pink, black, white, yellow ,red…. *lol*) and probably take off the shoes later on to get down to work.

Last week, I introduced you to my Favorite Eye Makeup Items and the Zaron Long Wear Gel Eyeliner was one of them. I did not do an extensive narrative on it as I promised that I would do the review of my latest eye make up today and here I am to fulfill that promise.

The Zaron Long Wear Gel Eyeliner comes in 3 different shades- black, blue and Green depicted with the names Jazz, Jean and Shade.

It comes in a portable container that can be thrown into your smallest makeup bag. When you take off the cover, there is a seal which you need to take off before you can use the product. The seal is very easy to take off which is a good thing but can also be a bad one if one decides to tamper with the product. Although, if the product has been tampered with, you should know as the surface of the eyeliner will no longer be smooth.

Applying the eyeliner is quite easy so long as you have a brush that is small. It is most advisable to purchase a liner brush and Stella Dimoko was of the opinion that an angled brush would do a better job. Well, I chose to buy those really cheap eye liquid eyeliners and wash off the product from it so that I can try using it but in the pictures below, I did use a random brush.

The Gel eye liner makes it possible for you to achieve the cat eyes if you so desire better than a stick eye liner.

I can confirm this as I had tried a particular stick kajal which is said can be used as an eyeliner and it wasn’t giving the cat eyes effect. SO, if you are looking for a product which you can get dramatic with, then you should own one of this. This is not to say that it can’t be used by another. It is quite versatile in nature.

Now it says long wear and for me, it has stayed for as long as I need it to till I get home. Although, note that one stroke of the product is not enough to make it sharp. You may need to apply it 2ice to give you the desired effect. Feel free to apply as many times as you want depending on how sharp you want the color to come out. However, be quick to take out the excess before it dries up completely and you can’t take it out again.

On the day I sprained my ankle, I used it and through the tears, it did not smudge. Then I washed my face and though it faded a bit, it was still there. SO, long wear it is. My colleague who is also a MUA did confirm to me before I used it that it doesn’t smudge and she has even asked me to let her have one of the colors since I have the 3 shades *lol*.

I love the product and would recommend it it for everyone. If you want to play safe, pick up the jazz. If you want to be daring, try the Jean and the Jade. However, I am not so sure about the Jade shade as I am yet to really get it to stay on my eyes thus loving it is a bit difficult.

Jazz VS Jean VS Jade: Picking a shade will depend largely on what colour your makeup bag really needs but I will advise that you have a Jazz shade in your makeup bag first before the other two since it will go with every outfit. Between the Jean and the Jade, hmmm….. sweeties, I do not wish to be biased but I would like for us to make Jean happy by getting her sold out. So, when next you visit the store and you want a pop of colour, ask the attendant for the Jean color after which you can ask for Jade.

Editor’s note: I have decided to give out the Jade shade to anyone who is willing to try it out and let me know what they think about it for an updated review of the product. To get it, follow the blog by email and sign up to be a review partner by sending me an email to that effect after which I will send you further details. So, hit me up on

On a more serious note, have you gotten your Pink Card? I mean, do you have the card that grants you access to the Genevieve Pink Ball happenning tomorrow by 6pm at the Dorchester.

This is an event for  a cause and we do have a lot of sponsors willing to make you happy. I hear the food is a 3 course meal, there is champagne, goody bags, cocktail, photo shots. Common people, order your shades of pink. Flavour will be performing which is one highlight I am looking forward to.  Send me an email and let me hit you up on where you can get the tickets before it is sold out. I hope to see you tomorrow….. Off to find a perfect polish for my nails.

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