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Role Model Of The Month

I am pleased with all the encouragements you gave the personality of last month, April and even for those of you who found her contact useful. I hear some of you have contacted her for tutorials. If you missed that feature, just click here.

This month, we are featuring another person for the month but, rather than personality, we have a role model. She is older and has achieved a lot in her career. This is not to say she has stopped as she still continues to achieve a lot.

Recently, she got feature on CNN and was referred to as the Oprah of Africa. In her interview, she did talk about her efforts to meet with Oprah which failed, when she was trying to start her own TV station which today, is the only indigenous TV with African content owned by a woman. Isn’t that a feat against all odds?

Still wondering whom I am referring to? Meet the Role  Model of the Year, Mosunmola Abudu who is fondly called, Mo Abudu.

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Mo was born on September 11, 1964 in the UK. At the age of 7, she came back with her parents to Nigeria when they relocated to Lagos. Though, she went to stay with her grandparents on their cocoa farm in Ondo to understudy the African culture. At age 12, her dad died and she returned to the UK.

Not certain what she studied as her first degree, she does has a masters degree in HR management from the University of Westminister in London. She started her career as a recruitment consultant in 1987 and has gone to work for other establishments like the Arthur Andersen for Esso Exploration & Production Nigeria Limited now called Exxon Mobil among others.

She got into the media industry with no prior media experience, she hosts the Moments with Mo talk show and has recently started a TV station called, Ebony Life TV. Recently, she got interviewed by CNN and was tagged the Oprah of Africa.

Did you know that it wasn’t exactly a bed of roses for her? she didn’t just get past every door she knocked. At least the CNN interview reveals that she did try contacting Oprah and never got a response. That did not stop her from realizing a dream she had carefully dreamt and nurtured and today, it is a reality. This just goes to say that whatever we put our mind to, it doesn’t matter who isn’t there for us. What really matters is who is there for us.

I am proud of the feat this phenomenal mother of two has made. I sure hope to be where she is someday and become an international brand as well. Congratulations Mo on being the Sociotectonic Role Model of The Month as you continue to inspire many.

For more on the CNN interview, click here.

I do hope you enjoyed the article on Mo and do share with as many as you think need to be inspired. watch out on the blog for an article on my best Ebony Life TV programs.

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