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Samsung Galaxy A5- The Review

When Samsung called me back to say they were willing to work with me, I was really excited because it is a brand that I respect a lot. Besides, this will be the first phone review that I will be doing on this blog. I have taken you through the press release by the company and what they say that the A series can and will do which has made my job easy because, I do not have to take you through all the technical aspect of the phone. If you haven’t seen that post, just click HERE. Today’s post will be my personal opinion of the Samsung galaxy A5 in the most HONEST yet CONSTRUCTIVE way.

Body Design
I guess the first thing that attracts you to a phone is usually what the phone looks like physically. For me, this phone has a pass mark with its very sleek nature. I like the curved edges as opposed to the square or roundish edges. Also, the phone is very slim, 6.7mm that it fits into my small multi-purpose bag perfectly. It also weighs 4.34oz which is very light and the good part is that, it is not slippery. So, you have a firm grip of the phone.
I hear there are several colours of the phone but I have access to just the white which works perfectly for me since white is my best colour. I also do not need to worry about the phone getting stained. I sweat a lot on my palm and when I accumulate dust, it gets onto the phone but in one wipe with a soft cloth, the stains are off.
Picture quality
This is the coolest part of this phone. With a 13mp rear and 5mp front, the pictures taken are beyond awesome. You can also set the camera to take pictures with a high level of airbrush or make your face slimmer. That way, when the pictures are taken, you do not have to work on it again. However, a MUA said she would rather have the pictures and then air brush herself. So, you just take down those features and the pictures are still great. It pays attention to all the details that you need it to. For the selfie cam, you do not have to touch the button to take a picture as it is palm sensitive. Just show your palm to the screen and in 2 seconds, once it has captured your palm, the picture will be taken.
I like that the phone came with certain apps that you do not have to waste your mb on it or worry about what app will wk best. The collage maker comes with it. and has beautiful features. To screen grab, just maintain contact with the screen and swipe your hand left to right making sure that the motions and gestures setting is on. Although, I haven’t been able to achieve this and think it is a minus for the phone. They should work on having another way of screen grabbing than take me through that stress. Also, I did notice that in taking the pictures with the rear camera using the auto settings stalled a little but it has other modes such as panaroma and burst which takes pictures in a horizontal or vertical way and then the latter takes continious pictures.
Popular Opinion
I have shown this phone off to quite a number of people and they were thrilled by the phone. Many have even asked me if I could pre-order the phone for them. If you love selfies, this is the phone for you and it does so many other things that you need to have a great day.

I didn’t get to use a SIM card on the device since it is company’s property but the WIFI connectivity that I used on it was really fast. My applications were loading really fast. Even when I needed to use Bluetooth to take pictures from my brother’s phone, he did notice that the connectivity between the phone and his was quite strong.

SIM slot
The phone has dual SIM slot of which one can be used as a memory card space.

Release Date
January 2015
From all you have read and seen, what do you think? For more pictures that I have taken with the phone, check my Instagram page.
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