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Secrets to having a great start

Have you ever met someone who started their day being grumpy and grouchy just at the sound of the wake up alarm? Well, if you haven’t, my name is Anita and it is very nice to meet you *lol*. However, I am working on loving the mornings and here, I am sharing with you how to deal with the start of a new day.

Move the alarm clock across the room

Using a lullaby as your alarm wake up tone, is you just trying to soothe yourself back to sleep. If you really want to get a jump start, you need to use a song or tone that is very loud. After setting the alarm, just keep it at a distance where your hands can’t reach. That way, you are forced to rise from your bed.

Create a good sleep routine

Studies have shown that people who get about seven hours of sleep are healthier. In a city like Lagos, this is almost impossible with all the hustle and bustle in town. However, you can try to make sure that you change your routine to see how you can make the 7 hours happen. For me as is with many young people, the internet can be the biggest obstacle to your sleep. So, what I do is to disconnect the internet and stick to reading a book. When I begin to feel sleepy, I dim the light in my room. I also stay away from caffein which is likely to keep you awake. You can download an app like the Sleep Cycle which helps you to track your sleep so that you know that you are getting your 7 hours.


Stretching is not lousy at all when you wake. It is a great way to release your muscles. Adding some aerobics will help to get your manetabolism up.

Have a good breakfast

Don’t be tempted to skip breakfast because you are running late. Having breakfast is a good source of energy. You can try some bananas if you must leave in a rush.

As soon as you able to get into the morning routine, ensure that you stick to it even on days that you do not need to have an early start, at least until you have completely adjusted. In all,  remind yourself that every day is a new day that you should be grateful for instead of being grumpy.

Got any more tips that you have tried?

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