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My Simple Morning Skincare Routine

Having a rather complicated skincare routine or applying tonnes of products is usually not proof that you are doing what is right. Sometimes, simple is really all you need.

My simple morning skincare routine.

Step 1- Cleanse:

For this, I use the Neem oil black soap by Nokware. I have had an interesting evolution with black soaps. From using none to trying the Shea moisture black soap back in 2017. Now, I have found a black soap that I can equally use for my face.

Nokware black soap

You can get the Nokware black soap directly from the brand or from Afri beauty collective.

Step 2- Tone:

Toning has become a really important part of my skincare routine especially now that I use black soap. I still fear that black soap has a drying effect. That is why I have always tried to opt for a toner that is natural like thermal spring water and rosewater toner. Right now, I have been using the rosewater toner by Mo Organics.

rosewater by mo organics

Step 3- Moisturise

This is the last step in my simple morning skincare routine. I use Avene Tolerance extreme which is perfect for normal to combination skin. I started using this the first time I had a skin reaction in France. The dermatologist recommended it and it just became my go-to face cream for as long as I can find it.

avene tolerance extreme

Like I mentioned in my YouTube video, there are days when I include other steps to my routine. This is usually occasionally like once a week, biweekly or even once a month, depending on the step. I also made mention of my body moisturizer in the YouTube video. Click the button below to watch.


I have acne-prone and sensitive skin. If you are uncertain what your skin type is, click here to find out.

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