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Sleek Studio Nigeria hosts guests to the relaunch of its skin care and exfoliating range

5th of July witnessed a massive crowd at the Sleek Studio on Ahmadu Bello Way in Victoria Island. It was the relaunch of Sleek’s skincare range and introducing the exfoliating range.

While the CEO of the company, Dr. Ebele Ugochukwu spoke about the essence of taking good care of the skin with the right products, she also emphasized that the Sleek products are not bleaching agents for those who may be looking for that. What they do is bring out your real skin tone and leave you radiant with a glow.

If there is one thing that we have learnt, it is the fact that different products work for different skin tones and in searching for the right products, you need to speak to the right skin consultants. Sleek Studio is available to give you the right information even outside of what their products can do for you.

While we will be bringing you an interview with the Chief Of Operations, Abimbola, we will also be bringing you a review of some of the products that we received and shipped off to Oma’s closet. We also look to a giveaway for some lucky readers. So, stay tuned to our page.

For now, enjoy all the pictures from the event made available by Elzia Vibe Studio.

Abimbola Olaoba (2)

Abimbola Olaoba

Adaobi Ohaeri (1)

Adaobi Ohaeri

Anita Brows (1)

Anita Brows

Bolaji Omobola (2)

Bolaji Omobola

Chioma Nkemdilim (2)

Chioma Nkemdilim

Chisom Nkemdilim (1)

Chisom Nkemdilim

Chloes (1)


Dr Ebele Ugochukwu (2)

Dr Ebele Ugochukwu






Tewa Onasanya

Edwina Edward  (1)

Edwina Edward

Hannah O (2)

Hannah O

Harvella Styles (1)


Ify Otuye (1)

Ify Otuye

Lola  (1)


Oge Agu (4)

Oge Agu

Olusola Abadahunsi (1)

Olusola Abadahunsi

Oma Ehiri (1)

Oma Ehiri

Omolayo Fieyisayo (3)

Omolayo Fieyisayo

Omolola Jgbenoba (2)

Omolola Igbenoba

Paeheco Eniola (1)

Paeheco Eniola

Uju Marshall (2)

Uju Marshall

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