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Stay connected all day- Innjoo power bank

The electricity situation in Nigeria is just improving but as a media person, having access to constant power supply is paramount. Thus, the need for a power bank since I cannot be assured of constant electricity supply.

Innjoo is a mobile company and though trying to find their voice in the Nigerian market, they have certainly gained my attention with the Innjoo power bank.


Innjoo power bank is rectangular in shape with a battery capacity of 15,000 mAh.


The package has the power bank and 2 USB cables.


To charge the power bank, you need to attach the cord to the smaller port on the side of the power bank and attach to a fuse that allows you to plug it to a wall. To use the power bank to charge other devices, this will require you to attach the cable to the any of the big ports and then attach to your own device. Note that while charging, it has a blue light that continues to go up and down but stops when it gets full, showing the full blue light. Also, after using the device, it has a key at the side of the power bank which needs to be held down to turn the device off.


Though an Innjoo device, which should ordinarily be android friendly, the gadget charges the iphone as you can see below.IMG_20150918_104258

It charges my blackberry device full in about an hour and a half and then, it charges the other devices yet staying on for most part of the day.


When looking out to get a power bank, you need to be certain of the battery capacity which is ultimate. I had a power bank which could barely charge anything but does a good work as a torch light which is not its primary function. So, the battery is really important and purchasing that of a tested brand from the reviews that you see online is the best choice.

I love the power bank and I actually do recommend that you get yourself one. You need something to keep you connected all day.

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