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Staycation At Manor House, Broumov

There are many hotels in Czech republic but if there is one that I can recommend, it has to be the Manor House, Broumov.

I spent a night at the Manor House while visiting Veba headquarters in Broumov and it was my best night ever in The Czech Republic.

The building looks very much like a home and feels like a home.

Stepping inside, I was met with luxury on every side. The receptionist behind the bar had the warmest smile on her face as she handed us keys to our rooms.

I also like the corridor that leads to the rooms. What girl wouldn’t when you have that really classy mirror on the wall. manor house

You could even entertain your guests there if you don’t want then coming into your room or say you want to have a quick meeting with your colleagues and all of you stay on that floor but you don’t want to be getting into the personal space of anyone. manor house

Speaking of the rooms, the management did a very good job with the interior decoration. Every material from the bed linings to the curtains, towels and even the frame hanging on the wall was made out of Veba materials. manor house

I love the space in the room. I am all up for space anytime, not because I get to use all of it but so that I don’t feel like I am choked up. manor house

The bathroom equipment was equally nice and top quality. I also like that they made it friendly for the disabled. So, if someone who was physically challenged had to stay at the house, they would have no problems getting into the bath or using the facilities installed. manor house

Now to the necessary part. When you stay at a hotel on vacation, it is an added credit for the hotel when they have a good chef that has you drooling over their meals that you would think it hard before you step out to eat. At the Manor House, I had that. The chef had me licking my plate with the well-spiced steak that even as I write about it, I already crave it. manor house

You could get a room at the Manor House for about 65 USD and it goes up to 105 USD. Breakfast is included and you also have free wifi. The company that owns the house has a fitness facility and a 5star spa which you can have access to. I would advise that you make a booking before you visit.

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