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Steps to Achieving your goals

The most used word every new year is New year resolutions and if you are kind of confused as to what that word means, I can break it down for you.

New Year Resolutions = New Year Goals

Setting these goals is never really a problem as everyone can afford to mention a goal at the top of their head especially those in the spotlight who are likely to do some interviews for the TV stations or the magazines that are getting ready to come out pretty soon. Even the Vloggers have had tonnes of videos on the goals that they are looking to achieve in 2016 but the problem becomes, how do you get those goals to become a reality?

I watched SisiYemmie’s video this morning before doing this writeup and I was quite impressed that we kind of share about the same strategy to making 2016 work just with different words. She wants to ‘live intentionally’ and I call that ‘living purposefully’. That can be about the summary  to achieving your goals this year but, I am all about simplifying things for us all cos I need to get those goals done this year and so, I  have outlined 5 steps to achieving your goals.

Pen it down

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While trying to research on editorial calendars for the team and I, I read somewhere that you need to write down all the topics that you will like to write about on the blog. So, I grabbed my notepad and began to scribble somethings which made it so much easier to see what I want to see from the team and I at the end of every month. Those are  goals for the blog and so that should apply to our individual goals. I have gone ahead to get mine down somewhere at the back of my Veba diary. So, I know all that I need to get achieved at the end of 2016 including becoming……. *let’s not jinx it*

Set a Tracker

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That’s about the next thing I made happen for the blog goals. I sat down to create a tracker for the team, taking hint from what I used to get passed down to me by the Assistant editor at the magazine where I used to work. I have gone ahead to put dates and sent it out to every team member and so, everyone knows where we are and what piece they need to be contributing and at what time. If you have a diary, that should make it pretty easy. I have done same in my Veba diary and I plan to take that pretty seriously. Fix dates to all of your goals including the teeny weeny steps you need to make to get them achieved. Place a date to it and fix it in your diary.

Pray about it

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My new year resolution is to know my God better than ever. Which means that I need to share my goals with Him and make sure that His word is all that guides me. To make that happen, you need to get scriptural words to back what you plan to achieve and communicate with God through prayers. It is so much easier when you just know that He got you and is willing to help you as long as you willing.

Work at it

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That willingness we talked about earlier comes to life here. You need to be dedicated to achieving your goals and also be diligent. Even the scriptures says, Find ye a man diligent in His work, He shall do exploits. I love that scripture and one of the few scriptures that I know by heart. It even has a part that says, you shall stand before kings and not mere men. That’s a goal and to achieve that, it says, you need to work at it.

Reward yourself

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If you are one that loves the idea of having new things, this will really motivate you to work at those goals. I love to get new things but, I am very disciplined about shopping that only when neccessary do I shop. So, when I do achieve these goals, I am going to spoil myself somehow and I urge you to do that. If you want a vacation, stall at it until you achieve a goal and then, you can take that trip. If it is a car that you are planning to buy, set your heart at a goal, achieve it and get the car. That way, you can enjoy luxury knowing that you worked for it.

At SoTectonic, we do have a reward system for our readers this year. To get in on it, you are expected to set a goal that is aimed at sharing your opinions on the articles that we put out here. At the end of the year, we might just be rewarding all or some of those who are dedicated at sharing their opinions with us!

I hope that you achieve all that you have set your heart to achieve and it will be interesting to know what your goals are or what you intend to reward yourself with when you achieve those goals.

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