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Stylespiration: Office Outfits

Photo Credit: Instagram picture, of styleismything

Sometimes, I try to get out of my little world here and let you see what others have got to say.

Today on stylespiration, we took a visit to the Natures Gentle Touch blog and they had a post on ‘Getting The Office Outfit Right’ and here is what they have to say;

  • Test out a printed pencil skirt
  • Reach for the right essentials
  • Select a sleek office bag
  • Play with a pop of color
  • Add simple accessories
  • Leave it to the Loafers
  • Balance girly-girl and masculine vibes
  • Dress down an evening skirt
  • Belt it
  • Balance work and play clothing
  •  Master a monochrome look

Editor’s note: For more details, visit ngtnaturesgentletouch. Happy Mid Week!

Instagram: oma26
Twitter: omateddy

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