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Stylespiration: The Flower Girl

The first thing that caught my eyes to Salone Monet in this picture was the hair. In an era where natural hair reigns supreme, she did a fine job getting hers done so beautifully.
And now, let us talk about her dress!
Dress: AdriannaPapell
Shoes: GianvitoRossi
Hair: By Salone Monet
I must say that this dress speaks out loud to me at a time when I am considering what outfit to wear for the Genevieve Pink ball. If I lay my hands on an outfit of this nature, then I guess I am almost ready to attend the ball which is expected to hold on the 18th of October, 2014. 
Simple and so chic coupled with shoes which I can’t quite see well but they look really pretty. besides, the dress hides the shoes so well that I really wouldn’t care so much about my shoes. For someone like me that hates to go hours with heels on, a chic sandals can go with this when your legs begins to tire out. Whatever the case, please do not use sandals to take pictures with this dress on the red carpet *lol*
Editor’s note: Which designer do you think will sew this dress better? Would you choose this dress for your bridal train?
It is the 1st day of the month and I hope that you have read my Happy New Month Message? If you haven’t, then you should click here. Loadz of stuffs will be going down on the blog as I am bursting loose. Tired of keeping stuffs simple when I know you want more. #bevisible


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Twitter” omateddy
Diclaimer: All pictures belong to Salone Monet on her instagram page, @suhloan

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