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Stylespiration: The Winning Looks

At the just concluded Aquafina Elite Model Look 2014, Mayowa Nicholas and Victor Ndigwe emerged winners. Well, I couldn’t attend because I got only 1 IV from a colleague but I wanted another for my +1 *wink*. Anyway, I found these pictures on BellaNaija and I will be using it to discuss the styles of the winners.

Out of 6 people that I asked, 3 people seemed to prefer this look. It is a nice fabric and the ankara playsuit concept is one that I am loving. I like when I can use the local fabric to achieve designs popularly sewn with western materials. Personally, I would wear this on a Saturday when I am heading to the mall to see a movie or to the beach or to visit a friend down the road. However, I would prefer mine to have a longer length so that I am very comfortable strutting the streets.

Of the same 6, 2 preferred this look. I would wear this either for a wedding or to church. However, if I have to wear this to church, it has to be on my knee or below my knee but certainly perfect for a wedding.

hmmm! someone actually preferred this look but not me. I do not see myself in this look. It is totally off for me. Not even as a stay at home look as I won’t even be able to breathe in them. So, from me, this is a NO NO!!!

Now this is me. I love this look and with my kind of job, it can pass as an office look. If you work in a bank, I am pretty sure you can do this on a Friday. You can wear this as a business casual. If you have a meeting out of the office and you are not quite sure if it should be formal, then this is the perfect outfit for you. I love this of all the looks!

Now to Victor Ndigwe…..

I got to understand that this was actually the look that won. Of his 4 looks, this one is actually less common and actually lovely. Would I take a second look at a man in this colour of suit? hmmm….. I would if he rocks it well and has a good physique. However, I am not sure I want my husband to be experimenting with colors on our wedding day. He should probably stick to black!

In comparison to the blue suit, I would pick that look to this one. but one quick observation though…. what do you think about a man in this look without socks? I mean for this kind of shoe, shouldn’t he have a socks on? I am just curious!

If you are not on the field playing some kind of game, then I shouldn’t find you in this. In that case, you so do not need the shades.

One can never go wrong in black, right? That says it all for me!

Editor’s note: Which is your favorite look? Congratulations to Mayowa and Victor! This is my 100th post and I will be giving out the Genevieve Pink Ball Lip-stain to one lucky blog reader. All you have to do is follow me on instagram, like the picture of the lipstain Giveaway, repost same and come back here to comment that you have reposted and wish to be entered for the giveaway. One lucky winner will be selected and announced on Friday! #bevisible

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