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Sustaining Healthy Hair Growth in 2016

In 2015, I was pretty determined to have healthy hair growth. I tried out a few regime, salons and products. In that time, I have learnt a few things that I intend to sustain in achieving healthy hair growth in 2016. Knowing that many people are likely to ask me what I am working on, I just thought it will be great to share them here and you can tweak to suit your hair needs


This is the first thing you need to figure out. For me, I will do the washing of the hair every 4 to 6 weeks. I get to alternate between the deep conditioning treatment and the Henna. When I have the protective styles on, I will keep the hair moisturized using the LOC method. After taking out every protective style, I will give the hair about 3-7 days break before the next protective style comes on.


I believe you can use any salon as long as you know what is right. All you have to make sure of is that the hair stylist is an obedient one, with a spirit willing to learn. That way, you can take them through the process of managing your hair and what to do at every point in time. I know many will wonder why go to the salon if you know what to do. It’s simple! I don’t have a steamer at home and frankly, I have no plans to buy one yet. Secondly, I am still not very patient at detangling myself. So I pay a professional to do that for me patiently. I have one very close to my resident, which I patronize for washing of my hair.
The other 2 salons that I use are very good at natural hair styles and other hair treatments that I intend to incorporate in my hair regime every now and again. They are O’Naturals and Roots and Tips.


I have this amazing hair brand which I just discovered. For me, it is great that I get paid to do some of these adverts but hey, if it helps someone, then I might as well share it with you and hope that the bills still get paid, right? *lol* So, I got a good size of products from Brazen Curls, a new range of product by Midas Natural which consists of a Moisturising shampoo, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, hair and body butter and elixir (I added some Castor and tea tree oil in mine).
We will still be needing the content of our spritz bottle for the LOC method and its content is to be revealed in another post. I also got my edge control, diamond oil sheen and hair hold from Design Essentials. That will be come in handy for my protective styles.


Low manipulation remains key which is why I intend to carry my hairstyles longer but note that my natural hair will still be well taken care of underneath the protective styles. There will also be a post on protective styles to consider for 2016. So, join the mailing list…. That way, you will never miss a thing.


Whatever it is that you try to achieve starts from within. So the key to healthy hair growth is to have the right kind of nutrition- eat well and drink up nicely! I will keep at drinking a lot of water while I work on a detox plan and pay attention to my diet. There are the hair vitamins which you can include to your own regime.

It will be great to know what other hair tips to consider and if you have any questions, I am just a comment away.

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