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    How To Protect Your Joy

    There was a time in my life when I allowed people determine my state of mind. I was quite sensitive to...

    Ayishat AmooApril 24, 2017
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    Extremely ‘Reddy’ in February!!!!!!!!

    Just yesterday, I had replied the snap story of a friend who was asking when January was going to end. And...

    Oma EhiriFebruary 1, 2017
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    How to Achieve Work Life Balance.

    Being able to create a balance between work and other activities is in your life is what keeps you ahead of...

    Ayishat AmooJanuary 23, 2017
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    The Mystery of Light Revealed.

    Putting my thoughts together to get this word out was a bit tricky for me. I thought I knew what I...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 22, 2017
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    Embracing Serenity as a Way of Life.

    There are times in one’s life when you need to take a moment to reflect on certain situations and find strength...

    Oma EhiriJanuary 16, 2017
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    Effective Time Management

    Ever felt like you need more than the 24hours that you have in a day? Well, you have got to get...

    Ayishat AmooJanuary 9, 2017
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    A Lesson in Patience

    It has only been weeks since  I picked up this project but, I was so determined to see to it that...

    Oma EhiriJuly 8, 2015
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    Controlling Your Tongue

    Communication is an important tool in the building of any relationship or partnership. However, there are times when it is most...

    Okunrinboye IredeJune 8, 2015
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    I Was Born A Light

    Good morning lovelies and welcome to another new working week. I know we never get enough of the weekend and only...

    Oma EhiriFebruary 2, 2015
  • Just take A Chance

    Hello Blog fam! It feels like forever when it has been only just one week. I can’t wait for you to...

    UncategorizedOma EhiriJuly 18, 2014