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Ted 2- What makes a person?

Can’t remember the last time I went to the cinemas to catch a movie but yesterday evening, I decided to let my hair down, fly those shirts, pack up my laptop on time and run off to the mall for a little relaxation time. What better way to do that but to catch a movie that helps you have a good laugh like Ted2.

Who remembers that movie where a little boy wished his bear to life in 2012? Well, the second part of that movie is out and Ted the bear has gotten so matured that he fell in love, got married and suddenly sought to have a child in order to keep the love spark in his marriage. By the way, he didn’t get married to a bear. He got married to a lady, Tami-Lynn.

Well, the decision to get a child raised some brows in the State and his identity was being questioned. Is Ted a property or a person? This was the focal point of the movie and with it came a lot of emotions as Ted had to fight this out in court seeing that all he had was frozen and even his marriage was annulled.

Ted2 is a comic movie but it is not just all laughs with no lessons attached because for me, it got me wondering- what really makes a person? Does being human by default really make you a person? Like Samantha Jackson said in her argument in court, shouldn’t the ability to love and feel be the basis of being a person? I know its just another one of those movies that are fictional and could never happen in reality but just maybe, we all need to start living not just by default but as persons with the ability to love and add value to the society we live in.

You can catch TED2 at any of your favourite cinemas. Just check their sites to view the showtime but before you leave, share your thoughts with us on the topic, what makes a person.

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