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The 90 Days Healthy Hair Growth Challenge (HHGC)

Congratulations to all those who have joined the #orangeurhood campaign. This is a fight that we all must get involved in so that we can have a world free of violence for all. I just got the news of the verdict on the cop accused of killing Mike Brown, the American teenager. A lot of people have shown their grievances over social media and I wish it can extend to the physical. e do not need all this violence and discrimination.
Having reminded us of what we must do, let us discuss the business of the day- the 90 days healthy hair growth challenge. The year is about to come to an end but I am very particular about how I start my 2015. I know that when the new year starts, we begin to make our resolutions but the reality is, it is only a few that can sincerely stick to those resolutions. This is understandable as it is very difficult to stick to something that was never a part of you. Therefore, I have decided to make early resolutions and see how they work before the year runs out. That way, I can begin to properly embed them into my new year.
One of my resolutions is to keep my hair healthy whether I decide to continue cutting or keep it long. To do that, I have designed a 90 Days Healthy Hair Growth Challenge. This challenge is for everyone- naturally kinky or chemically treated hair. The aim is to encourage one another to grow out our hair in the most healthy way and be comfortable in it. Send me an email indicating your interest or just drop your email in the comment box and I will get back to you with a detailed calendar on what we will be doing each day. 
It commences on the 1st of December 2014 and will end on the 28th of February 2015 with a hangout. I am looking forward to as many beautiful ladies who believe that the crown of every woman is her hair, signing up for this challenge. It promises to be exciting with all the pictures you will be posting and all the hair motivations you will get each day. 

What You Need
*      Shampoo
*      Deep conditioner
*      Oil (Coconut oil, tea tree oil, grape seed, avocado oil )
*      Plastic cap
*      Moisturizer
*      Satin or silk scarf or bonnet and pillowcase
*      Tape rule
*      Water
*      Sports wear
*      Sports shoes
*      Hair vitamins
*      Fruits
What You Should Do 
*      Do check for split ends and trim
*      Do cleanse, deep condition and do a hot oil treatment
*      Do Moisturise and seal ends to avoid hair breakage
*      Do avoid heat and all heating tools
*      Do wear a protective style with little or preferably no manipulation
*      Do protect your hair at night with silk or satin scarf and lie on a silk or satin pillow case
*      Do eliminate processed foods and replace with healthy diet. Add a hair supplement if need be.
*      Do exercise, preferably aerobics to stimulate blood circulation
*      Do drink 8 oz of water
*      Do massage your scalp
*      Do a length check before the challenge
*      Do post pictures of your hair to inspire others and get inspiration from positive comments as well
*      Do send in emails or leave comments when you are in a fix
*      Do stay connected via the blog and all my social media platforms listed below
*      Do clear the 28th of February in your diary
Please tag me in all your pictures that you post so that I can repost and also add to the album which I hope to create for you all at the end of the challenge, particularly all the wonderful styles you will be creating as your protective styling. 
Day1- Trim split ends, Cleanse, Deep condition (heat is allowed), Hot oil treatment, Massage the scalp, Moisturise, Seal ends and do a protective styling. It is most advisable to do a style that preents you from manipulating the hair for at least 30 days. However, for those who wish to do Christmas hair, you can break the styling but whatever you do, make sure it involves low manipulation to the hair. You need to get your hand out of your hair except when neccessary. I will be posting a picture of my protective styling as soon as I get it done. 

Don’t forget to drink sufficient water and the fruit for the day is Apple. Feel free to eat as many fruits as you can but at least, eat one. If you have the hair vitamins, take your first dose. Yet to decide which hair vitamins to use but by Friday, I will have decided and let you know. 

Our hair deserves the best, let us give it the best attention possible! December 6th is still open for all to join in the campaign at the beach. send me an email or leave a comment and I will reach out to you.

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