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The Elles Icebox Cocktail Guide

We all attend parties where they serve us cocktail and sometimes, we wish we could actually make some of those at home but don’t know how. Now, you don’t have to whine anymore or worry about the absence of the internet to Google up some recipes which may not be accurate as you have no idea what to search for. The Elles Icebox Cocktail Guide has made that easy for you.
I had a copy sent to me by the PR company and in one glance, you could tell how easy cocktail life at home has become. The first pages tell you the items you need to make the cocktail before delving into the recipes.
Chizoba Okpala who is the author of the book did well to divide the recipes into alcoholic and non-alcoholic. That way, if you do not fancy alcohol, you know what to make for yourself and the kids. It will come in handy on days when you just want to chill with the family and do a little cocktail for you all. For those who wish to go into the cocktail business, you really need to buy this book and give your career a lift.
Where to Buy:
Amount: N5,000
Buy a copy today and let me know what you think. I have added the cocktail tool to my Christmas list and hope I can get it as a gift or buy one for myself. As soon as I make any of the recipes, I will make sure to share with you. Also, Luxeria sent me a white wine which I intend to find a way in mixing it with one of the cocktail recipes this Christmas season. So, watch out!

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