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The Mathematics of the brows

I find it rather absurd to see every Mary, Kate and Ashley with the same kind of brows when they have different shapes of face. It is high time we realise that the face of the shape should detrmine the kind of brows that is drawn on the face of anyone. It is this ignorance that makes it look like a lady has unnatural unibrow or as though she copied some brow and pasted on to her forehead. If you haven’t, maybe the pictures below can help you get a clearer view into what I am saying. Now, that is what I call unnatural  brows. Please we need to make room for the forehead……lol

Natural Unibrow:



Un-natural Unibrow:





The reason behind pic 2 & 3 is improper measurements of brows.

Now let’s break down the “Mathematics of the Brows”

Types of Brows



The truth is every individual has the potential to pull off every shape but only when it is done right and to a certain extent. You may notice that there is very little difference between some brow types. The main aim of drawing your eyebrows is to accentuate what you have, rather than work against it. The only time it is appropriate to work against your features is when you are trying to create a specific vintage look or something for a project. Here’s a chart I created to show the most common types of eyebrows.

Measuring Brows



It is important that we work with the structure of the face so we do not end up looking like clowns. We need to understand that the brows play a major role in how an individual looks. Everyone has a natural arch which acts as a guide when we draw our brows. We should always imagine we have a ruler and we need to draw 90 degrees (1) from the edge of our nose up to our forehead. This helps in locating the starting point of the brow. The second stage (2) is finding where the arch should be placed. At this point you would be at a 45 degree angle and this is the point you highlight because it is also the highest point of your brow. At third line (3), you will be at a 30 degree angle, where the brow ends. At this point, the end of the brow should not go below the starting of point of the brow itself (4).

Seek out a professional

I know this might sound cliché, but it is better to find a professional and find out what shape fits your face. Just because a particular shape looks nice on another person does not mean it will look nice on you. It is best to not just follow trends but rather tweak the trends to fit our features.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the “Brow Game” but if you got any questions that I need to address, drop your comments below and you can follow me to view some of my work on Instagram, @felicheetartistry.

Featured Image: Style Shack
Pic1: Nicole Jenks
Pic2: Pin Interest
Pic3: Model is Alexis
Pic4: Model is Alexis


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