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The Montaigne Place Launches The Viva La Juicy

On Saturday, the 14th of June, 2014, The Montaigne Place hosted a number of guests at their store at The Palms Shopping Mall Lekki. This was to launch a new perfume from their Juicy Couture line, Viva La Juicy. It was an afternoon of scents, chops and champagne sponsored by the Lanson Champagne.

In the press kit released to the media, there is a paragraph that says, ‘ You may forget the time of the day, you may forget what the person was wearing, you may forget their name, but you most likely would not forget how the person smelt’. I agree with the last part of the sentence because, you may not even have any form of conversation with the person but just because the person stayed by you or passed by you, the scent or smell from that person lingers in your memory. The Juicy Couture recognises this and thus, captures hearts with its glamorous, flirtatious and confident style.

I got the opportunity to smell the Viva La Juicy and the Noir perfumes but I actually prefer the Viva La Juicy. So excited that I got the 100ml of the Viva La Juicy courtesy the Bobby Taylor Company. I cannot wait to start using it though sparingly so that it can last a while *lol*.

The Viva La Juicy is said to be inspired by a glamorous girl who is the life of the party. She is a fashionista who can give a trendy, modern edge to any classic look and creates a statement that is fresh and chic. Though a lover of beauty and femininity, she knows how to bend the rules and have some fun. Does that sound like you? Then, you should head to the nearest Montaigne Place and get yourself a bottle.

The bottle is said to be inspired by vintage treasures found in antique shops and embellished with a golden crest. They say, ‘ A juicy girl is never caught without accessories’ which is why the Viva La Juicy has golden charms that dangle from the classic couture safety pin with the satin bow which is the trademark of the Juicy Couture. Although, I prefer the Noir bottle, I guess the smell is what matters the most to me which is why I will stick to the Viva La Juicy for now.

I urge you to go out to The Montaigne Place and get your bottle as you stand the chance of getting a Juicy Couture cosmetic bag when you get the 100ml of any of the fragrance on the Juicy Couture line. You also get a complementary sample…. Isn’t that lovely?

If you are in doubt of the location of the Montaigne place, send me an email to so that I can give you a comprehensive list of the locations nationwide. Keep checking back for pictures from the launch.

By Oma Ehiri.

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