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The Mose Journey- Business Principles You Should Take Note Of by Nowe Isibor

Every entrepreneur has a story and how successful that entrepreneur will become is usually embedded in the story. It is really about how much they are willing to apply the lessons that they have learnt from a few things that happened while they were trying to get the business right. These lessons form the principles of the business and Nowe Isibor of the Mose Store looks like she’s on her way to becoming a successful business entrepreneur.

The Mose Dream

Nowe had a ‘Sephora’ dream. That is, a store that houses some of the coolest brands in the world- local and international brands on the same shelf. At the moment, we do have the Beauty bar by Essenza but they only house international luxury brands. So, with Nowe, you get similar but at least, you have all those amazing local brands that usually sell just online or from the trunk of their cars, in her store.

Stepping Out

Before now, she was working in an oil and gas and had this friend who she shared the dream with. They decided to gather all the money that they could, did some research and went on a trip, determined to get people to buy into their Mose dream. They spoke to so many people, putting their money where their mouth is and buying lots and lots of products. As a matter of fact, they had seen the store and went ahead to make payment for the rent hoping that by the time they got back, they would start furnishing just in time for the goods to get back to Nigeria and they could stock the place. Unfortunately, they got played by the shipping company whose entire properties and merchandise were confiscated by the US security agencies for theft. Unfortunately, the shipping company was actually guilty but then, the goods which Nowe and her partner had purchased with genuine money was equally seized and every attempt to have the agency release the goods proved abortive.

Dertemined to Succeed

Nowe was going to let go of the dream. She had quit her job to pursue this dream and so, she had to be in the store that she had rented, trying to restrategise. Nothing was really happening but she kept at it, selling her dream to these brands. That was all she had- the determination to sell her vision- as she had no more money to buy these goods in bulk as she had initially planned it out.

The success of the store launch is proof that brands bought into her vision and chose to stock the goods with her despite not having the money anymore to buy in bulk. Mose store is now located at Nelle Mall, shop 8 Admiralty Way, Lekki, Lagos.

What is your story? In it is the lesson that will propel you to the next level!

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