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The Mystery of Light Revealed.

Putting my thoughts together to get this word out was a bit tricky for me. I thought I knew what I wanted to talk about but as it progressed, I had a new meaning to it all.

The image that you see is actually a bottled water reflecting light. Now, we all know that bottled water doesn’t have fluorescent bulbs in them. So, what could have caused this to reflect light? A closer look at the image will give you the answer. It is the torch light of a smartphone. The bottle is seating on the torchlight of the bottled water and as light travels through the bottled water, it reflects and illuminates the room.

This was quite an interesting tip I found on Samsung social media page in 2015. I was curious to try it and the result is what you see. Though I didn’t get to think of this then, but looking at the image again, it all comes together- the mystery of light.

I had so many understandings writing this but this one struck me- allowing our light to shine through situations. Yoknowwo how challenges come and sit right on you, weighing you down that you begin to think it’s going to ruin you? Well, it is time for you to be still. You remember what we said last week about embracing serenity HERE? Just be still and let your light radiate through that situation. The result is what you see in this image. Your light will win and turn that thing into a beautiful situation that it cannot be ignored.

I hope I made some sense right here. I completely get it and I will like for you to get it too. Try it out this week and let me know how it goes for you.

I wish you a great week ahead and don’t forget to sign up for news on the Valentine giveaway!

Oma Ehiri


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