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The New Normal: When Business As Usual Becomes Unusual

Finally, I am ready to take steps in embracing the new normal especially as an entrepreneur.

Since we started the crochet hair business, this is the first time I have experienced great difficulty in publishing marketing content. Not because we did not know what to post but because it was taking quite some time for us to embrace the new normal.

What we knew to be business as usual now seemed unusual. People were trying to deal with the pandemic and asking them to buy hair extension didn’t seem right. We got enquiries and even orders, none of which we could fulfil because of the lockdown. However, those were the moments that has finally helped us to embrace the new normal.

As an entrepreneur, there is a tendency to slouch and sulk especially if your business does not fall into the world’s definition of essential items. What you must know is, there are people who still consider your goods and services essential even now. Rather than take a break, how about you find those people.

For instance, there are people who still need to find ways to get their hair done at home. This makes it an opportunity for wig sellers to promote their wigs. For the most part of the lockdown, I have been rocking my crochet wig which was made with a bohemian water wave. If I need to attend a more official online meeting, my ponytail wig comes in handy.

What does it mean to embrace the new normal?

Embracing the new normal means accepting that business will no longer be as we know it. Never have we had to wear a mask when we step out of the house. That has become a necessity. Though from all that has happened in the past few days in Lagos, the Government will need to apply stiffer penalties to ensure that people adhere.

What the new normal for SoTectonic will be

We have made some tremendous discoveries these past months. One that will change the way we create as we continue to focus on being a blog that impacts the lifestyle of our readers. For the month of May, we will do a lot of content focused on blogging, wellness, and hair.

Speaking of blogging, I have recently announced my e-book on Blogging: A Digital Tool For Establishing Your Online Presence. Pre-orders are on-going, and you can get yours HERE. The content isn’t just another e-book that teaches you how to launch a book. It is more. In it, you will.

  • Learn how to use blogging for different things especially as a marketing tool
  • Get firsthand tips on how to make money blogging
  • Have a list of tools that aids blogging which can be applied to content creating and content marketing
  • Get real-life blogging experiences and testimonials from my blogger friends.
  • Join an exclusive support group where we will read the book together and apply the things we have read. If you need help with blogging, this is where to be and it will cost you nothing but a copy of the e-book.

In the course of writing this book, I have also made some discoveries that I would like to share with you. That is why we are resurrecting our mailing list. We will be sharing a wealth of information there. It will be more than just a news bulletin that I don’t want you to miss out on. Not joined the tribe yet, get on it now!

The new normal for businesses in Nigeria

As a business owner, now is the time to re-evaluate your brand. While you are at it, you may want to consider setting up structures. This includes the kind of content that you put out. At SoTectonic, we use a content guide for our clients. To do that, we have a series of questions that we ask to create the guide. This guide is what helps us to create the content calendar and determines a lot of other things. As a token of our appreciation to you, you can download the questions here alongside a generic content guide.

The world is not ready to deal with the effects of an economic standstill. That means, you still have an opportunity to move. How you move is what you need to consider.

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