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The Power of Social Media

 Happy Friday fam! I hope you enjoyed last week’s post by our guest blogger, Jumoke Sijuwade. If you missed that post, just click here. We left it here just for you.

Today on the blog, I wish to bring your attention to a tool we all have in our hands and within our reach all this while yet had no clue that it could be our access card to the rest of the world in terms of publicizing the ills of the nation, the pains that we face, the calamity that has befallen us. A tool that has proven to be the hope of the hopeless.

Some times we feel so helpless especially in a country like mine where it feels like nothing works. Actually, some things do work but really, the people barely feel the impact of whatever it is that is working. Those who may be able to attest to what works are mostly the elites in the society.

In the midst of all the crisis, the people seek for a way to get their voice heard. I hate violence and I will never be an advocate of using the sword so mightily that it leads to blood shed. Rather, I am an advocate of the pen. That is quite understandable considering my profession as a writer. But, without any form of bias, the reality is, the social media is a powerful tool.

The recent development in the country has shown that the social media is our voice. It is our friend and our only source of comfort. I am speaking of how the hash-tag #BringBackOurGirls got the attention of not just the Nigerian Government but got the international communities’ attention that our Government is now forced to listen.

As much as we do not have the details and we may not be certain if the girls are truly missing or not, the reality is if they are, some families are grieving and the rest of us are in fear. With the social media, we have solicited for help and the entire world is taking us super serious. Within the week, the First Lady of the United States joined the campaign when this picture was shared on her instagram page.

At this point, I have complete faith in the social media. Let us stop using the social media for just gossips and begin to use it to send out important messages that will bring us the help we desire. Hopefully, the girls are brought back alive and then, who knows? Maybe, like a colleague said, we should have #GiveusStablePowerSupply.

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