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The Rush by Pop Central

A high energy reality TV show is coming to your screens soon!

The Rush by Pop Central, high energy, adrenaline pumping and physically intense reality show is set to premiere soon. The show debuts in October 2021 and will feature 16 contestants who will compete in groups for 8 weeks, engaging in 39 meticulously designed intensive physical and mental tasks.

The Rush will have dedicated task segments, contestants in-residence segment, diary rooms, host driver, and voice over to drive the story. The show is set in two stages, the task stage and the chillout scenario in a residence. The live residence segment of the show reveals the human side of the contestants after the completion of their arduous challenges which are done outdoors.

new series by pop central

Viewers will be able to watch the daily residence segment, a 2 hour recap that will run from 7pm to 9pm daily and a rerun the next day from 11am to 1pm. The task and contest segment of the show is a 1hour pre-produced content that sets the mood each day.

Contestants will vote to eliminate each other, while the viewers will vote to keep their favourites in. Contestants will also be able to earn immunity through various tasks during the weekdays.

The show will air on Pop Central DSTV 189 and the audience is assured of an unscripted and thrilling adventure for the duration of the show. The Rush is also positioned as a key platform to accentuate potential corporate partners and sponsors.

The Rush is for the young, the brave and the resilient. Contestants will be lovers of extreme sports, excitement and the rush of healthy competition. Male and females between 18 to 35 years who wish to audition to be selected for ‘The Rush’ can do so by signing up on

Get ready for an intense adrenaline pumping TV reality show that is set to keep you on the edge of your seat  – The Rush is coming!

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