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Big Brother Naija: Hey Biggie, What’s the deal with you and Cee C?

Usually, I try to avoid these kind of open conversations but this particular season of Big Brother has really caught my attention especially as it pertains to one of the housemates, Cee C. Before I dive into things, let me just say that I do not hate Cee C before her fans come on here and begin to hurl hate words. This is not exactly directed at her but to Biggie and if it was any of the other housemates, I will feel the same way too.

Now, Cee C has been giving me a lot of headache as I feel like she is a little too much, even I think that the use of the word little is me down playing her actions in the house. Sometimes I feel like she is a fake housemate acting a script that Biggie is going to disclose at the end of the show. Should Biggie however end the show and does not make that announcement, I would be muffled because she is always out of line. However, the real reason for this post is the latest drama from Saturday night which got on the nerves of one of the big sponsors of the show, PayPorte and even a top Nigerian designer who happens to be the creative director for Payporte, Toyin Lawani of Tiannah’s Styling.

If you missed0 the drama, housemates were given outfits to showcase different cultures. Cee C got the Calabar outfit and in the words of Biggie, went creative with it by ripping the dress until she could get a crop top out of it. Whilst this may not have gotten the attention of many, Cee C went on to pass rude remarks at Payporte and indirectly discrediting the work of the designer who made the dress. She went on to call the dress nonsense amongst other hateful words that came off her lips. Payporte reacted with the below;

After the party, we waited for Biggie to address the situation on Sunday but he failed to and on Monday when he finally addressed it, he seemed like he was walking on egg shells. He sounded as though he was afraid to address Cee C. He did something that one of my former bosses does with the company’s accountant. Whenever she is upset with the company’s accountant, she would have to call a staff meeting to scream at all the staff. Biggie decided to call Tobi and Miracle in addition to Cee C and in all honesty, he seemed confused calling Tobi cos Tobi made it clear that he did not alter his Nokia outfit. Miracle only cut the hands of his which really is not a big deal, Biggie. Then Biggie turned to Cee C and said something about ingratitude and a few other things but, she wasn’t given a strike.

Now, Biggie, while you think you are always watching the housemates, we are always watching you. Slandering a brand that sponsors your show should not be tolerated and whilst we have allowed this like many before this to slide, we are hoping that you can do better with culturing Cee C. She is in the house to play a game but she can also be a better person upon leaving the house especially if this is indeed her true character.

On a lighter note, Cee C did well with the exercise this morning and I hope that we get to see the instructor until the end of the show because I won’t need to be paying for gym subscriptions.

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