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The Store….. Everything is less than 3,000 Naira.

I love my blog fam which is why I try to source the best deals for you. Shop any of these items and get a free gift only on sociotectonic. Available in all sizes. If you are getting more than 3 items, holla and you just may get a discount. Get 3 people to buy and you also get a discount or a free gift item. Start shopping…. Send all orders to ijehiri@gmail.com.
Also available in Black and white Zebra and Brown leopard N1860
Also available in white, black and grey N2500
Also available in Grey and Sky blue N2500
Also available in V-neck and in all colors N1200
Also available in white, black, brown, jean blue N2500
Also available in grey N2500
Also available in different combinations N2800 for 3
Available in Leopard colour as well. N3,000

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