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The Store….. Everything is less than 3,000 Naira.

I love my blog fam which is why I try to source the best deals for you. Shop any of these items and get a free gift only on sociotectonic. Available in all sizes. If you are getting more than 3 items, holla and you just may get a discount. Get 3 people to buy and you also get a discount or a free gift item. Start shopping…. Send all orders to
Also available in Black and white Zebra and Brown leopard N1860
Also available in white, black and grey N2500
Also available in Grey and Sky blue N2500
Also available in V-neck and in all colors N1200
Also available in white, black, brown, jean blue N2500
Also available in grey N2500
Also available in different combinations N2800 for 3
Available in Leopard colour as well. N3,000

Click here for more items…

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