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The Story of a Young Beauty Entrepreneur, Nancy Ndukwe, (CEO, Chaurme).

2015-04-27 09.31.20As part of our beauty series this month, we sought after one who could bring our readers an insight into what could be happening in the beauty industry. Nancy Ndukwe is the CEO of a beauty line, Chaurme in Lagos, Nigeria. She shares her story with SoTectonic.

SoTectonic: Give us an insight into who Nancy Ndukwe is?

Nancy: N.N. in a nutshell is someone who consistently strives to be better at what she does. The room for improvement can never get fully occupied. So I’m here and will continue to learn!

SoTectonic:Take us through your career journey.

Nancy: Started from the bottom now we’re here? Lol! Well started really early working as an intern with several business owners. It wasn’t a bed of roses as it had its challenges but valuable lessons learnt I took it which helped propel me to this stage. From being a pharmaceutical assistant, to PR organisations and the beauty industry; the latter I fell in love with and mastered my craft.

SoTectonic: At what point did you decide to go into the beauty industry and why?

Nancy: When I ventured into the beauty industry, I didn’t just badge into it. I knew I had a knack for making women look beautiful. Besides that, the craft comes natural to me, sort of like effortless. I’m at peace when I’m in that zone (Consulting or make-up sessions).

SoTectonic:The Nigerian beauty industry has witnessed a proliferation of makeup artistes. How has this affected your business- positively or negatively?

Nancy: The influx of makeup artistes is inevitable but the most important thing is mastering your craft. It’s like what you notice in the medicine discipline where you have doctors everywhere but people still prefer to see a particular GP. Even travelling some distance to see that doctor. That’s applicable in this industry. *smiles*. Your craft is very vital which will differentiate you from the competition.

2015-04-27 09.26.37SoTectonic: As a young entrepreneur that runs a beauty store in a country where there are so many fake beauty products out there. How have you been able to attract consumers to your store?

Nancy: Your word is your bond. Like my best friend usually says, your word is your bond. Your business dealings speak for you. The most potent form of marketing is word of mouth. Spreads faster than a conflagration. Plus you don’t have to pay for it. That’s why I’m set aback when people dig their own business graves with their own hands, trading in fake beauty products.

SoTectonic: What brand of beauty products do you deal in?

Nancy: I do have a wide range of beauty products that I market because of my profession as a Make Up Artist and a beautician who gives advice to clients on how to take care of their skin or what is best for their skin problems. However, I try to deal with products that are tested and trusted and also careful with where I get the products from so that my clients do not purchase adulterated products.

SoTectonic: Do you consider the beauty industry a lucrative one and in what way has this been fulfilling as a career for you?

Nancy: The beauty industry has its challenges due to the saturation of people in that industry. However, if you have a passion for it and stay consistent, it will begin to yield the required resources one needs to take care of the business and further invest in its growth. I chose to quit my job and become an entrepreneur because I knew that this was something that I wanted to do. So, I didn’t go into it striving to make money but first to meet the needs of my potential clients and for me, that is what I derive satisfaction from.

SoTectonic: If you had the opportunity to diversify into another industry, which would it be and why?

Nancy: I have vast experience from what you have read above. However, I am still loving what I do now and adding bits of the rest to it. So, for now, I haven’t given this any deep thought.

SoTectonic: Our readers will like to know tips on how to make a successful career in the beauty industry.

Nancy: Be Determined. Research widely into the business. Get Trained. Stay focused. Develop a positive mindset.

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