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The Wedding Vendors’ Review Ep1: The Planner

Another Thursday and it is time for this week’s video which is the first episode of the long anticipated wedding vendors’ review. On this episode, Oma focuses on the wedding planner.

The wedding planner is key to the success of any wedding. Hire a wrong hand and everything could just become a disaster. Get the right hand on it and you will have a memorable event. That is what this episode is about.

While speaking about the wedding planner and her level of professionalism, Oma indirectly highlights the qualities of a wedding planner and what you should really look out for when looking to hire a wedding planner. She also debunks the idea of overlooking a vendor based on their Instagram numbers because some of the best and talented hands may not have the numbers and some of the vendors with all the right Instagram numbers could just be over rated.

If you thought you could never afford a great wedding vendor, this series is definitely for you. Do subscribe to the channel so that you do not miss any episode.

Now, let’s watch the video by clicking this link or the button below;

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