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5 Things To Get Your Mum For Mother’s Day

When it comes to celebrating our mums, we believe in going the extra mile. It’s never about how much money that is spent but, the thought that goes into it. That is why we have done some research and compiled a mini list of things to get your mum this mother’s day. The beautiful thing about these gift items is that they retailed by small business owners in Nigeria which means they are readily available if you live in Nigeria.

Things To Get Your Mum For Mother’s Day

Jewellery set by Yellow Daisy

jewellery setMost mums are known to be owambe lovers and one of the things that will complete their look is a jewellery. This jewellery will be so perfect in her jewellery collection because it exudes elegance and class. These are 2 words that defines every mum. It features a neckpiece, a bracelet, a ring and a pair of earring. From what you see, it is definitely a sparkly piece of jewellery. To shop, contact 08028731616. You can also check for product details.

Sweat Shirt by Reverie

sweat shirtWhat really got us about this sweat shirt is the image on it. We all know that mothers are nurturers, home makers and keepers and they do most of the work at home. Flowers need to be nurtured to grow and blossom. Think about that for a moment and you can see how this sweat shirt will be perfect for your mum. You could attach a little note to the sweat shirt and on the note, write this analogy on it. Everytime she wears this, it will definitely bring back some good memories as she will will be more aware of how much you appreciate the time, effort and all the sacrifices she made. To order, please contact 08139234116 and you can view the product details on https//

Silk by Fabricsbytem

silkLooking for a quintessential fabric your mum can use for just about anything she wants? Then this silk fabric by fabricsbytem will do. Just thinking about it, she could make a beautiful trendy outfit out of it and still make a lovely scarf out of it. They are also very affordable. For more design options, please check or contact 09092366793 to order.

MMABON’ Statement T-shirt

statement tshirtThere are ways to encapsulate how you feel about your mom or what she is passionate about and one very effective way is on a statement tshirt. You can get these in different colors and sizes and have just about any inscription that you want. Now the brand just launched an IWD2019 statement collection which you can check out on or visit their stores in Lagos (18b Emma Abimbola Cole street, Lekki, Lagos) and Abuja (D97 Efab Mall, Area 11, Garki, Abuja).

Reverie Waist Trainer

waist trainerThis is a perfect gift for a first time mum especially if she is still trying to lose that belly fat. Her kid will not be able to gift her something now but you as a friend or her partner can. It shows how supportive you are of her weight loss journey. To make it extra cute, you can attach a note to the waist trainer with the words, Happy Mother’s Day Mom, with love, *insert your kid’s name*. For more details on the product and to see other types, please visit https// or contact 08139234116.

Looking for more options, please check out our Valentine Gift Ideas, there are a few things you could also get your mum.

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