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5 Things You Can Do With Banana

There’s more to the fruit than Banana bread. You should really explore these options!

The first time that I heard of Banana bread was from Nellies Nigeria. Then the lockdown happened and it seemed like everyone was making banana bread. As a matter of fact, a report by CNBC showed that Banana bread was one of the top 10 most searched for recipes on Google. However, there are other things you can do with Banana.

5 things you can do with Banana

1.As a Sweetener

Smoothies have always been a thing especially for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What you must also know is that it is a great sweetener especially for anyone who finds consuming green smoothies hard.

2.For Face Masks

Including Banana into your face mask will ensures hydration and moisturization. The peel is also said to help with hyperpigmentation and dark circles. If you have sensitive skin or dealing with a skin condition, kindly contact your doctor before trying any skincare recipe that you find online including here.

3.As Vinegar

If the pandemic has taught us nothing, it has definitely taught us how to ensure that we fully use everything around us including Banana peels. You can have your own homemade vinegar using the peels.

4.As a teeth whitening agent

Some reports show that using Banana peel on your teeth can help to take out some of the stains seeing that it contains high amount of potassium. As your personal friend, we must also let you know that brands like Colgate do not quite agree with this.

5.For Hair Growth

A report on Hairfinity says that Banana mask can help with hair growth. They also help to prevent dandruff and do moisturize the scalp. Looking for a recipe, why not try this one. Besides, Hairfinity is a brand that we trust. Check out our review here.

Whatever you do, please ensure to do extensive research and get further insights.

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