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The holiday continues but for me, it hasn’t really been a rest filled one. My mum got inducted into the Catholic Women Organisation and so, we had to attend the last mass which was quite a lengthy one. I am working on a project and so, Saturday was allocated to that and today, my society in church had an activity which I have been unavoidably absent over the years but chose to make myself available for the cooking today though I didn’t get to attend the ceremony.

Amidst all of this, I looked forward to attending the Beauty Africa Industry Nite. I actually got the VIP pass and it was going to be a huge opportunity for me to meet with top brands and personalities in that industry. It was a huge opportunity for me because I would have been exposed better to that industry and network better since I intend to add beauty to my line of blogging.

Unfortunately, I can’t make it. I am slightly indisposed coupled with the fact that my ride out of the venue just turned me down and I do not have sufficient fund on me for the trip to and fro since I still have to be at work tomorrow. I really do hope to get a ride real soon.

I feel really dissappointed but I need to move past it and look forward to another such opportunity to come my way, right? But for now, I am sulking and so, I want you guys to give me ideas on how to get past this sulking and hope for better opportunities.

Editor’s note: I do hope that the invitees do have a swell time without me ( not like they will notice that I am not there though *sobs*). On a brighter note, Congratulations to my mum on her induction. Now, she is both a member of the Conraternity Of Christian Mothers and the Catholic Women Organisation. You rock mum!

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