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Think Box: Don’t Settle For Less!

Don’t we all just love Mondays? Hmmmmm….. The day that takes the weekend away from us. How can we not possibly like it? Well, love it or not, it is here and if you are not out of bed getting ready to make your week beautiful, I urge you to get started by saying, Good morning!

Mondays are the days when I get you charged up for the week by dropping something I think you should have at the back of your mind all week long and today, I want to address just what you see on that poster and from different angles.

The first question to ask yourself is, what do I truly deserve? Maybe if you can answer this then, you can begin to better understand what you see in the poster. Then, you can begin to hold on to that which you  believe that you deserve and when it’s not forthcoming, you strive for patience. It won’t be easy but it is always worth it in the end.

Have you veer attended a job interview in which you put in your utmost best. The panel is impressed and infact, the job is yours. But something happens and you get dropped with no notice at all. You are heart broken because you really worked hard for this and had all your hopes on it but you have just been swindled. It will hurt but you see, you need to let go of that situation and just ask God for the patience to wait for what will truly be yours- what you deserve.

Sometimes, you get into a relationship and everything seems like a fairytale until she begins to nag you about not being able to buy her all the good things of life. You try and sincerely, you wish you could get her all of these things but the resources are not there. Then one day, she storms out of the relationship and moves on with a richer dude. My dear, I know you love this babe and you could give your life to get her back but then, is that who you deserve? One who would leave your side when the thorns begin to pierce through the rose? Just let her go and turn to patience. Hold on to it, work so hard that you eventually get that which you once lacked. Pretty soon, your bed will be full of roses and she who you truly deserve will be by you through the thickest bushes.

My dear girlfriends, the one that puts me off these days is the amount of violence metted out on the women folk. I find stories of a girl who was butchered by her man or shot dead or infact, cooked. I have no idea why anyone should decide to stay in an abusive relationship or be in love with a cannibal. I know humans fall in love with wolves and vampires but girlfriends, that happens in the movies. And even in the movies, those vampires and wolves seek to protect the humans they love not devour them.

I don’t know how much you think that you have invested in that abusive relationship that would make you sit tight waiting for a miracle. WHy not invest that patience in letting go of that man who is destined to kill you and just wait for who you deserve? I know that he has anger issues or he is under the influence of some supernatural powers. but why not get out of his life first and begin to pray for him since you think he needs deliverance and hope that he changes. I will not advise even my enemy to allow herself be a punching bag to any man.

Yes, marriage is for better, for worse which is why you need to open your eyes wide and see beyond the sweet words and tears whenever he hits you. Begin to run while you can before you get into the marriage. If you are already in it, seek help. Do not die in silence! You sure deserve way better than a death which was already done by our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is Monday morning and no time to bore you with so much words. All I am saying is seek the grace to let go and pray for a higher grace to be patient. Let go of the pain and grudge which you hold against that superior who sits tight on your promotion. Let go of the hate which you have for that colleague who derives joy in telling the boss stories about you. Let go of that relationship that adds no positive value in your life. Be patient and what you deserve will locate you. It may not be today, it may take a while, it may seem like forever but, when there is life, there is hope and once hope exist, what you deserve will come.

I wish you a well deserving week ahead! Don’t  forget that the Genevieve Pink Ball is this weekend. Your entry into the venue is only a pink card away. To get one, send me an email and I will forward all the details you require. Place an order on your shades of pink before the stores run out of pink. I look forward to an interesting line up on the blog this week with the stylespiration and then the review on the Zaron Long Wear Gel Eyeliner this Friday, You don’t want to miss any of that. Simply sign up for updates by subscribing to the blog. All you need to do is type your email on the right hand corner of the blog and submit it. Ensure that your browser is on the web version so that you can see the subscribe feature.

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