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Think Box: Too much or Just Enough?

I visited the Palms this weekend as I had a Day Out with Guerlain. If you haven’t seen the fun pictures yet, you should check it out here.

On my way out of the mall, my eye fell upon this limousine which is expected as it was packed right infront of the entrance. I actually thought it was a wedding couple who stopped by the mall to pick up something or probably the limousine driver who was just passing through the mall until I saw the banner on the limousine.

Incase you cannot see what is on it, it says: ‘Happy 10th Birthday Ezara’ which implies that it was being used to celebrate the 10th year of a girl. So, I ask you my blog readers, what do you think? It had little kids inside of it who obviously were those who had come to celebrate with their friend turning 10.

Would you do this for your daughter? Do you think it is a little too much or just about enough for a 10 year old.

Happy New Week!



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