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Not So Random Thoughts on Impostor Syndrome

(Inspired by A Nigerian Movie, Who’s The Boss)

Impostor syndrome is real but overcoming it gets better when you have a support system.

What Makes Up The Support System

People who see your greatness and constantly remind you of it. People who push you hard but also know when to stop and respect your decisions. They know the perfect moment to let you breathe cos they understand how hard this is for you. Should there be consequences because you dared to confront your fears, they are not going to leave you hanging. I mean, it helps if they also have the money to back that up?.

Believe it or not, money is also a part of your support system. And here I was about to insert another one of those anecdotes that exonerate you from being misunderstood as one who loves money. Friend, there is absolutely no need for that. It is what it is. Money is a global currency understood by all. Get it, know how and when to use it, and know peace.

Meaning of Impostor Syndrome

In an article on Harvard Business Review, Gill Corkindale had this to say about impostor syndrome:

Imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success Click To Tweet

With impostor syndrome, I can relate. Here I am, almost 10years after getting my first job, 9 of that in the media industry, a masters degree and still, negotiating for myself, is not a skill that I possess. I also suffer from the fear of demanding better or even letting go when a situation isn’t ideal for me. Living in a society with an unstable economy doesn’t even help. The unemployment rate is currently at 33.3% and inflation is at over 17%. These facts contribute to making one question the wisdom in trying to negotiate. However, I have learnt that strategising is key.

Keep at what it is you are doing but never forget what you are worth. position yourself for that moment when you can grab the opportunity to get more. Click To Tweet

The story of Liah, Jumoke and Olamilekan greatly inspired my thoughts tonight. Wondering who they are? Get a Netflix subscription and watch Who’s the boss?

About The Movie, Who’s The Boss

I am not sure they got the synopsis right but I will tell you what it is- It is the story of a young and hardworking creative suffering from impostor syndrome. Her boss takes advantage of this psychological illness and uses reverse psychology in a bid to keep her in check. Her friend Jumoke pushes her to shoot some shots with the help of her best friend Olamilekan. The rest is best experienced with your eyes and ears.

Final Thoughts

To everyone who is still going to make an excuse after reading this, an excuse to keep your dreams inside, know that you are not alone. Take your time to heal but I hope like Liah, you find your Jumoke and Olamilekan. To the Jumokes and Olamilekans helping the Liahs to get through impostor syndrome, you mean the world to us.

With love,
A girl who can relate totally to Liah!

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