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Thursday Tunes: I love Naija by Korede Bello

As we celebrate Independence day, let me take you back to this inspiring music, I love Naija by Korede Bello.

I have always been a fan of this young chap’s talent way back before he even became a Mavin. His voice was the first attraction but having a song like this that has well worded lyrics and passes a message, completely won me over. The song simply encourages Nigerians to see the change we all need as a project for all. It tells us to stop watching whilst complaining when we should be acting to see the results we need. He also spoke of the eagerness by many youths to run out of the country in search of greener pastures just because the nation won’t give us the opportunities we need. But don’t we all think that if we got the knowledge we need and come back to make things right, we would be one step ahead of building the nation that we all desire.

I love Naija by Korede Bello is a song that all radio stations ought to play today. It is entertaining, interesting and Korede’s melodious song will get you to listen but more importantly, hear the words and let it sink in your hearts.

Watch the video:

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