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Things Every Creativepreneur Should Do Before They Start A Job

A Creativepreur is a creative entrepreneur. That includes but not limited to bloggers, influencers, makeup artistes, photographers, videographers, content creators and the likes.

Earlier this week, the video of an angry Makeup Artiste popped up on the internet. She was really mad wiping off the makeup she had just done for 2 clients. From our understanding, the ladies came in to get their makeup done in her studio. After she was done, they offered her 1000 Naira. If you are familiar with this industry, then you know that it is almost impossible to get makeup done for 1000 Naira. At least not when the studio is located in Lekki- one of the most expensive areas in Lagos, Nigeria.

After watching that video, I thought to share with you, some steps that I have taken in my career to avoid these kinds of drama. Hence, the article, ‘3 Things Every CreativePrenuer Should Do Before They Start A Job’.

1. Have a Conversation

2. Have the Money Talk

3. Have a Contract

For a better understanding of these, click here to watch or click the play button below. In that video, I explained these 3 things in details as well as a bonus tip on getting referals from clients.

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What are the steps you take before taking up a job? Share in the comment section for us to learn from you!


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