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Top 3- Christmas List

Dear friends, this is the second Friday of the twelfth month already. I guess we will have to start a count down to Christmas pretty soon. In that spirit, I guess it is okay for me to share with you the top 3 items on my Christmas list.

I was going to purchase one along side my canon camera but at the time, it wasn’t a necessity for me since I was yet to decide what to do with my camera. The blog just clocked 2 and I think it is time to expand and diversify into other fields in order to enrich my post on the blog and give my readers quality for their time. For instance, I could decide to do visuals for some posts especially when it has to do with explaining how to use a product or how to do something. It looks like this wish is already answered as my childhood friend tipped me that she would be bringing me a tripod and a remote control for my camera. I am so excited already but more excited because I haven’t seen her in years and when she comes in, we will be doing a lot of fun shoots together.

I have missed having a tool to work with on the go. With the kind off traffic I get to experience in Lagos, just sitting in a bus for about an hour 30 minutes or more is a complete waste of my creative mind. I try to draft on a book but it would be better if I had my tab (thanks to the Eko bridge robbers who took my last one). Though I have no personal experience with the I-pad, research has shown that, it is very difficult to share files with apple products. So, I will be sticking to my Samsung. They have made life a whole lot easier for me in the past and it only makes sense for me to stick with a brand that I relate better with. It is very flexible, allowing you to share your files with other brands except the apple which chose to be a loner.  You can easily take a document out of a Samsung using a USB connector and the flash drive. An added advantage is the ability to walk into any Samsung store (I am sure of the one in Ikeja mall) whenever I experience any issue with my Samsung tablet and it gets taken care of at no additional cost. The warranty is very effective and the technicians are very accommodating people as they deal with my lack of experience on certain gadget functions without making me feel like a novice. Samsung is one brand that I will continue to promote in terms of their tablets pending when I try other products of theirs. I got Dad the note as a gift this year and he loves it. 

Iphone 6
I have never owned an apple phone and I made up my mind that I need to get one for myself and have the Apple experience. Trust me to give you all the details when I do. If you are planning to get yourself a new phone for Christmas, you should consider the Iphone 6. If you want something bigger and less unattractive but commands undue attention, you can try the Iphone 6 plus. 

Share with me what you would like to have for Christmas and check out my post on Bella Naija on Wish List VS Shopping List

This Christmas, I will be doing a lot of photo shoots. If you have some items which you would like to use the blog as a medium to publicise, do send me an email with a description of the items which you would like me to use for the shoot so that I can fix you into the schedule. This is a rare opportunity to have me model your products or services for free and still give you an added publicity on the blog. My childhood friend takes professional pictures. When she comes to town, we will be having lots of fun taking lots of pictures while we tour the beautiful sites in Lagos. I can’t wait to have you back, Shenny! 

PS: Shenny is a fashion and inspirational blogger. You should check out her blog: ShennyKings

With love,

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