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Top 3 Friday: Salons

I have come to discover some of the best salons in Lagos, Nigeria in my many years of making my hair. I have used quite a number and sometimes, relocation makes me drop some of them. However, I have come to stick to this three for some time now as they cater for my hair needs in different ways.

Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute

Had this twist done at the Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute

I guess a lot of you already know that I have the virgin natural hair. I have been rocking that for a couple of months now. However, at the time when I chose to tend to my hair need in a more intense manner, I visited the natures Gentle Touch Institute to visit the trichologist. I got a free hair analysis and I think their free hair treatment card for my mum increased my love for them. They are really good and know how to pamper my natural hair. However, it is a bit of a distance from my house. So, I do not get to patronize them as often as I would have loved to. The environment is quite serene and the stylists are very creative. You can follow them on instagram @naturesgentletouch to get all the hair tips and styles you want and subscribe to their blog which is,

X and B

hair was done in X and B

I can manage to fix any other place but when I need it to be detailed especially for short hairstyles, I always go to X and B located in Yaba- just very close to the University of Lagos. Since my days in the university, I can count the number of times I have had a short hair do outside of X and B on one palm. My only advice is that you get a particular hair stylist so that whenever you are ready, you can place a call. They also make wigs and I hope to show you some when I publish a post on wigs.

Ghana High Commission

Hair was done by the women at the Ghana High Commission in Moloney

Sincerely, I am yet to get the exact name of that salon for the many years I have been patronizing that shop  but I know that my friends and I began to call it Ghana High Commission. The salon is located at Moloney and the stylists seem to be from Togo or Cotonu.When it comes to braids, I do not hesitate to go there. Whenever they make my braids and I want to take it out, no matter how old, I hear comments like…..
Why na? It is still new
Where did you make this hair? It is so beautiful!
Are you sure this hair is a month?
It has been a while I braided my hair and I have missed them. I guess I need a braid appointment soon as I cannot wait to event try the Dark n Lovely scalp wash and refresher. May be November? That way I can carry it into the new year.

Editor’s note: What are some of the hair salons that you patronize and which of mine would you like to patronize?

I started the Wilson’s Drinks 30day challenge today. I so needed it as I am still recovering from fever. Thanks to them for the package. You all need to try this product. I have known it since my NYSC days and they have continued to maintain their originality. No sugar and no coloring. Simply natural! I will be writing more on it on our Review Friday next month. However, follow me on instagram and see how I take mine for the next 30 days.

And for my 100post Giveaway, congratulations to Ukeme. You have won for yourself, a Genevieve Pink Ball Lipstain! Kindly drop your email so that I can send you details for your pick up!

The anniversary Giveaway is still on and the tables can turn, you know? So keep your comments coming in! You don’t want to miss all the goodies I have- The dark and lovely braids and weaves range, an artificial nail color of choice, Sofy Pad range and many more that will turn up soon. Pictures of this lovely items will be up on my instagram page for you to see pretty soon.

Tomorrow is the Genevieve Pink Ball Walk/Cycling/Run. Click the banner on the left for more details. Do not miss it!



  1. Leeznijis

    September 12, 2014 at 8:14 am

    I think I would love to try Natures ouch since I am natural too. BTW Congrats on your 100th post… So sad I didnt know abt the giveaway. next tym i will. lol. Can the Wilson drink be gotten in Shoprite and where is Moloney in Lag. never heard of it before

    • Oma Ehiri

      September 12, 2014 at 11:17 am

      Hi Leesnijis, thank you for your comment. I would like for you to try the NAtures Gentle Touch Hair Institute. You can go in and have a free hair analysis and consultation. I think you should really take advantage of that while it is still on.
      About the giveaway, more freebies to come soon and the anniversary giveaway is still on! Better luck then.
      For now, the Wilson drink can not be found in shoprite but they are working on getting it stocked there soon. However, you can visit and you will be surprised at how many stores around you that have it.
      Moloney is around Obalende.

  2. Ukeme Ukut

    September 12, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    • Oma Ehiri

      September 12, 2014 at 1:07 pm

      Hi Ukeme, Congratulations on your win! I have sent you an email on possible places for pick up. Kindly let me know which is most convenient.

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