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Top 3: My Favourite Eye Makeup Items

The newest addition to my makeup bag

Welcome to another Top 3 Friday. I hope you have enjoyed my articles thus far on this segment. Sometimes, it is hard to tell since I really don’t get as much comments on the blog as I had expected as the amunt of people who read the article may not really tell me what you really like and what you don’t. This is why I have continuously encouraged and pleaded that you try to leave your comments behind on the blog so that I can tell. For those who do send me emails, I also appreciate.

Today, I want to introduce you to my favorite eye makeup items. It is almost the weekend which is timely for you to add them to your shopping list. I will also be letting you know what stores you can get them from and be certain that what you have is the authentic product.
Zaron Kajal

Long before I discovered the Zaron Kajal and all the others that have followed afterwards, if there is one makeup that I always put on and I have come to see the way I see my body cream, it is the kajal. I may have no other makeup on but the kajal is a part of my everyday look. I used to purchase the 150 Naira Kajal that comes in a white container with a black head and I would just buy as many as it gets until I went to deliver an item to a friend whose birthday was yesterday…..  and she said she needed to pick up some makeup items. I went into the store with her when she tried to convince me to buy the Zaron Kajal saying, This will last for a long time and it is far better and healtheir for your eyes than those kajals you pick on the streets. So, she got me my very first Zaron kajal last year and I have had a wonderful experience with it. I only just bought another when I temporarily lost the old one and you can see the quantity that is left months after I got it. It is so easy to apply and it actually gives my entire face a lift. I have tried another brand when my colleague ceased mine asking me to buy hers and I must confess that I didn’t feel complete without my Zaron Kajal. When I lost the first, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to get another one as I had to plead with a friend to help me visit the stores and get me another. That is how much I love the Zaron kajal. You can purchase this at any of the Zaron Stores or ask your beauty stores.

Maybelline Mascara
I could go on and on about the Zaron kajal but let me not bore you and introduce you to another eye make up that I love- The Maybelline Mascara. This was launched alongside the Colossal Kajal by L’oreal and thus far, the brand has been producing many more beautiful products but today, I want you to experience the Maybelline Mascara. I had heard so much about the product but I have also heard so much about other mascaras. I wasn’t moved until I saw it on the Style editor of Bella Naija and she succeeded in convincing me. So, at the Make Up In Nigeria Conference, I bought my first Maybelline mascara which I am still using at the moment. On my first try, I just loved the revamping of my lashes. If you are one that doesn’t like to fix lashes like me, then this is a perfect consolation. The very day I tried it on, I went shopping at the popular Yaba market and the guys in the store asked if I had my lashes fixed and when I said no that it was just a mascara, they were surprised. The thick brushes makes it easy to give you that long and full effect. Unfotunately, I can’t say the same for the L’oreal blue mascara which I picked in the States. You can get a maybelline mascara at any of the House of Tara stores or approved retailers.
Zaron Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

This is the latest addition to my eye makeup. I don’t want to be a spoiler because the review will be featured next week Friday right here on the blog. So, follow the blog by typing your email on the column on the right corner of the blog that says ‘subscribe via email’ and submit. If you are using a mobile site, kindly change the page to the web version on your phone and you will find the column. You can purchase the Long wear Gel Eye liner by Zaron in any Zaron stores. You have the black, blue and green. You should really read that review and see how much I have gotten my cat eyes on almost flawlessly with this product.
In other Zaron news, you can now become a Zaron distributor from tomorrow the 11th of October, 2014 with just 30,000 Naira. Details on the banner below.

Editor’s note: I do hope that I have been able to help your makeup bag better equipped for your eyes. On your way back from work today, stop by the stores and pick yours. Use them and begin to send in your testimonies. I would really want to know what you think about them. 
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