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Travel Guide: Breakfast at Byblos

This past week in Ghana, I lodged at Byblos hotel in the Osu area of Accra.

Sharing the same building as Venus bar, the single ensuite room which I paid for, comes with a queen size bed, LCD flat screen TV, refrigerator, AC, cupboard, reading table and chair as well as a reading lamp.

Staying at the hotel was quite strategic as it was really close to many of the places I needed to be during my visit especially Accra International Conference Center. If I had to go there with an uber, it cost me less than 6cedis. From the hotel to Planet Khebab or KFC and back, including wait time was less tBan 6 cedis. There is a supermarket just around the corner, situated in the filling station. Right across is the MTN office which means that access to internet would not have been a problem if I needed to recharge my device. Behind the MTN office is Buka restaurant where they also serve Nigerian food, though I never got to visit. On that same road is a pizza and ice cream spot. In between KFC and Planet Khebab is a small art market for your African clothes and accessories including straw hats. A little drive around and you will find the Osu mall where you have Shoprite, Victoria Casino, Frankies, a few road side restaurants and so much more.

The hotel was a good selection and one of the best deals that I found on It was the one hotel for 70dollars that came with free wifi all day and everywhere in the hotel. However, this post is really about the breakfast at Byblos. So, what about it?

Breakfast at Byblos was 2 toast bread, omelet, tea or coffee. Let me start by pointing out that the omelet was rich and well prepared which was the best part of breakfast for me. The best part because, I do not take black tea or coffee and they had no green tea. When I did ask for lemon, they only had lime which wasn’t a bad alternative to lemon. Thus, I had to skip the tea and ask for my warm water every morning with slices of lime which the management made sure they selected only the freshest of the limes for me. The toast was a little too toasted for my liking. So, I had to skip the bread totally or ask that I get my bread, not toasted at all. If you do like sugar, you will be sure to get a cup full of that and the milk, quite delicious.

Speaking of milk, I had this cat try to spend breakfast time with me. It was a bit of cute moment but you know, with Nollywood, we have been taught to be wary of cats. So, I wasn’t trying to be friendly *smiles*. I just let it stay and watch me so long as it didn’t try to touch me.

The management and staff were really friendly and courteous. They did attend to me so well. If I had an issue and brought it to their notice, they made sure to handle it immediately. My comfort was of utmost priority that one would have thought I was the only guest in the hotel. Their attention to details is quite remarkable and cleanliness is a big deal for them. When I step out too early, I find the staff already up and trying to get the entire place sparkling for the day.

Will I be going back? Yes, if I had to. It is a good hotel, one that is worthy of my recommendation. However, they need to get some green tea in the hotel for guests like me who don’t like it black or caffeinated. They also need to switch the limes for lemon and maybe we should be getting the bread as it is without toasting it. Next time I lodge, I will let them know.

Which hotels do you know in Ghana that are cheaper than 70 dollars? I do like a pretty cheap deal but one that is also comfortable like Byblos and doesn’t make me spend so much money on transportation. That means, it has to be close to a lot of places that I might like to explore. If you know of any, do let me know and I can check them out when next I visit.

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