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Food Review: Grab A Treat Box From Chow Noodle Bar

Just the treat box you need for date night at home.

If you are looking for ways to spice up date night on a budget, you should consider the treat box by Chow Noodle Bar. I was lucky to have gotten one from Ify’s Kitchen and fam, it was enough food for 3days. I ended up giving out one of the packs to my brother.

What is in the box?unboxed food packs from chow noodle bar

The chow noodle bar treat box came with;

  • 4 pieces of sweet and spicy chicken wings
  • A pack of rice with beef and chicken
  • A pack of noodles with chicken and shrimps

What did I think of the treat box?

Hmmm, I love meat and that includes chicken, beef and turkey. As you will see from my YouTube video, the first meal I had was the chicken wings. That was after having a quick taste of the beef from the rice pack. Even when it was frozen, I still couldn’t resist. If you are a meat lover, then this treat box was curated with you in mind.

Let’s start with the chicken wings. I am guessing it was well marinated because the chicken wasn’t bland at all. It is not the type that the back of the chicken will be looking nice and when you have a bite, you really can’t taste the flavour. This was well cooked and juicy enough to suck on the bones.

The rice, beef and chicken combo is a mouthful with every spoon. It has this Thai, Korean or Chinese smell. I am not very familiar with Asian foods but it was one of those. Taste-wise, I cannot say that I know the actual taste of the rice by itself because every spoon had the beef or the chicken. I wish I tasted the rice alone just for you guys but again, I am guessing the essence of the food is not to taste the rice by itself.

I already mentioned that I gave the noodles pack to my brother. In his opinion, the meal was delicious. Shrimps are not exactly my favourite things. So, if I was ordering this box just for me, I will ask them to substitute the shrimps with beef.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to give yourself a treat, go ahead and get the box, knowing that will be your entire meal for the day. I had mine in bits as you will find out in my YouTube video. However, it is the perfect treat box for you and bae. Each one of you gets a pack and then you can share the chicken wings

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