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Trend Report: Cullotes

Cullotes are like a baggy like midi shorts. We spoke to a few young people at the Press Accreditation for Lagos fashion and Design Week and here is what they had to say;

Ngozi: I think it’s kind of a move away from the skin hugging shorts and gives room for air. I don’t think it fits everyone though. If you are stout, it could make you look boxy but also depends on the length of the Cullotes.

Kayito: They are cool, versatile. You can dress them up or down.  Plus sized people shouldn’t wear them cos they are likely to make you short. If you are small, it will swallow you. If you are slim and petite, you can still pull it off. You can wear it with just about anything. They are structured.

Favor: I used to hate them but now, I am growing into them. They are good for length. It is best for people with a tall frame. I won’t advise a short person to wear them cos of the hem line. It also depends on your shape. A short person should wear one that is on the knee or slightly below the knee but one who is tall can wear the midi one.

All three respondents are in the fashion world and so we think you should take their tips really seriously. Here are a few cullotes we spotted on social media.

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