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Trend report- Fablane by Derin’s Signature dress

Ooooh la la!!!! That is how the Fablane by Derin signature dress makes us feel right about now. Accentuating every woman’s feminity and giving you a reason to embrace the curves on your body. Versatile as there is actually no right or wrong to how you choose to place it. Though from the Instagram pages, we see that the creative director of the brand seems to have a way in which she thinks that the clients should rock the outfit.

Fablane by Derin is actually a fashion design house with Derin Fabikun as its creative head. They specialise in custom made outfits. So, decide the fabric you want or trust her enough to get you the fabric but, she delivers at least on these signature dresses.

The signature dress has been worn by a number of women in very different materials including their asoebi fabrics. From the church to the weddings, cocktail, awards and more, these women continue to show off their shoulder and some their legs as they strut the streets in them. We found a few of these dresses and now, we present to you, Fablane by Derin Signature dress.

2015-09-08 12.45.51 2015-09-08 12.47.34 2015-09-08 12.48.03 2015-09-08 12.48.23 2015-09-08 12.48.49 2015-09-08 12.49.35 2015-09-08 12.51.00 2015-09-08 12.51.35 2015-09-08 12.51.58 2015-09-08 12.52.23 2015-09-08 12.52.44 2015-09-08 12.53.20 2015-09-08 12.53.40 2015-09-08 12.53.59How would you like to rock this?

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