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Trend report: Kemi Adetiba begins an alternate nail polish trend

Popular video director who just started her YouTube Channel, Kemi Adetiba, recently started a nail polish trend, probably without even knowing it.

She had just purchased the Vane polish- a nail polish brand by Veronica Odeka- and must have fallen in love with the colors that she decided one color at a time was not enough. Som she went ahead to splash 2 different colours on.

Contrary to what many do by alternating the colours on each hand, Kemi opted for one colour for each hand. Surprisingly, the colours complimented each other so well that Veronica Odeka must be so proud to see them on Kemi.

Explaining the trend via her Instagram page, Kemi says, ” I couldn’t make up my mind @veronicaodeka, so I thought…. why not?!!” In another post she says, “Vane Polish made me do it”.

We were able to pull out these 3 images below for you.

Nail polish Vane polish Kemi Adetiba

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