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Trend Report: The Avant Garde Gele

The art of gele (head gear) is one that has become a strong part of our culture as Nigerian women continue to find very different ways to bring out its beauty. Today, we have just discovered a new trend in the art of gele made popular by Funmilola Olurinola of Abeke Makeovers. She calls this, the Avant Garde Gele.

2015-08-04 08.57.49 2015-08-04 08.56.44 2015-08-04 08.52.05 2015-08-04 08.48.24 2015-08-04 08.53.34 2015-08-04 08.57.22 2015-08-04 08.44.50 2015-08-04 08.59.25 2015-08-04 08.42.16 2015-08-04 08.40.05 2015-08-04 08.40.44 2015-08-04 08.41.21Will you rock this?



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