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Trend reports- New quotes of 2016

The year started on a rather hot note in the Entertainment industry but out of the rather sour situation, some new quotes came out of it- one from Olamide Adedeji AKA Baddosneh and the other from Don Jazzy- that has been trending all over the social media strata.


Leave thrash for LAWMA- Olamide Adedeji

Meaning: Literally speaking, this means allow LAWMA, the agency responsible for packing thrash in Lagos State to do their job. We have no business trying to interfere with their job except of course you intend to work with them and keep Lagos clean.

Beyond the meaning stated above, that quote can be used in the following instances;

1. When someone is saying or doing something that you consider beneath them or trying to be deceptive and you can see beneath all of that, reading the situation exactly as it is. In most cases, we tend to refer to such situations as thrash. For instance, a man who tries to act all spiritual, judges every move that you make but yet is guilty for about the same sins. When people begin to hail him for his godliness, you can say, ‘Leave that thrash for LAWMA’.

2. When someone rudely interferes in a situation that should otherwise not concern them, instead of saying, please mind your business, you can say, ‘Abeg, leave thrash for LAWMA’.
The first situation says you are doing or saying something that doesn’t make sense while the other simply demands that you stay in your lane *lol*.

If you want the car, come and get it- Don Jazzy

Meaning: Literally, it is an offer by someone who has a car asking you to come and get it if you want it. I wish someone would actually make such an offer to me and see if I won’t be there in a matter of seconds.

Beyond that, it can be used in the following situations;

1. When you need to motivate someone to work hard to get a reward. For instance, if you want to succeed at something that you are doing, you have got to work hard at it. So, you can substitute the car in the quote above for success.

2. When someone admires something that you have and you put it up for sale, you can substitute the item you are selling in the quote and ask them to come and collect it but in this case, they know they have to bring some cash.

3. When someone is envious about a position or an item in your possession, you can sarcastically say, “Abeg, what is in this thing sef? If you want the car, egbon, come and collect it o!”.

I hope that I have been able to enlighten you a little bit on the meanings of these quotes and hopefully, you get to use them rightly.

What other quotes are trending lately? Or what situations will you use these quotes?

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