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Trending: Popular TV shows released- OITNB, Power & More

Hooray! Some of our favourite TV shows have just been released.

Orange Is The New Black

Netflix has released Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black a few hours ahead of the original schedule. What is even more is that, the entire season was released! The title of the 13 episodes are;

Episode 1- Mother’s Day

Episode2- Bed Bugs and Beyond

Episode3- Empathy Is a Boner Killer

Episode4- Finger in the Dyke

Episode5- Fake it till you fake it some

Episode6- Ching Chong Chang

Episode7- Tongue-Tied

Episode8- Fear, and Other Smells

Episode9- Where my Dreidel at

Episode10- A Tittin’ and a Hairin’

Episode 11- We can be Heroes

Episode 12- Don’t make me come back

Episode 13- Trust no bitch

At the moment, the show is only available on Netflix. Hopefully, we can get access to it on some of our other favourite download sites.


Starz crime drama series, Power, is back! We just sighted the first episode of the series on o2 TV series and that means, it is available for us to download, watch and keep up with the next 10 episodes of the series. Power is the struggle for who to take charge and be in control of the city. In the last season, we saw Kanan who though in prison sought the demise of Ghost. Now, he is back and we are guessing he is ready to cause some major havoc. We hope to watch the first season soon and will let you know what we think To download, click in POWER.

Devious Maids

I guess we are a bit late on this as the first 2 episodes have already been released. Devious Maids is the story of 4 Latina maids who work in Beverly Hills. they have somehow gotten their lives twisted around the upper class in Beverly Hills nad they are also making efforts to become rich and famous as well. To download, click DEVIOUS MAIDS

Pretty Little Liars

For those that have been following these young ladies from high school, Season 6 is out! To download, click PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.


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