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Trends: Fringe Alert

Fringing has been around since the 90s but made a comeback in the 2000s. I remember spotting it at the Spring 2015 New York Fashion Week and since then, fashion lovers have continued to find new ways to wear the trend.In this aticle, we will show you a few wways to include fringe to your looks;

Fringe Skirt

fringe skirt

The fringe skirt has many style variant, from the horizontal and short fringe to the leather minis with thick fringe and the vertical draps that just goes on forever because of its length. This style is just so gorgeous and has a way of making the ankle a focal point. The Fringe skirt can be worn for any occasion; Fancy dinners, Holiday parties or even to the office. The style is both versatile and stylish, every lady just needs to have it in her wardrobe. The fringe skirt would definitely bring out your fun, feminine and totally chic side especially when you do a pirouette while wearing the skirt.  There is nothing more exhilarating than the feel of your fringe skirt in the air, it just immediately transports you back to your childhood days!

Fringe Dress

Fringe dress

A fringe dress could either be worn short or long depending on your preference. This style always looks stunning regardless of whoever is wearing it.  For the short fringed dress, it can either be worn dressed up or dressed down; team it with flat pumps for a casual day look, or with a pair of heels and a colourful clutch for a fun and stylish evening look.

Fringe Jacket

Fringe jacket

The fringe jacket can be worn anywhere, whether you are feeding horses in the wild west or sitting on the Venice Beach. It would definitely never go out of style. The fringed-sleeve jacket is go-to if you want to achieve a western look. It is a statement-making excellent choice whether it was sewn with leather, suede or any other fabric.

While wearing the fringe-sleeve jacket, the idea is to keep the rest of your look fairly muted so that you would look as fashionable and slick as a whistle.

The Fringe Clutch

fringe clutch

If you want to be in click with the latest fashion, the fringe clutch should definitely be incorporated into your wardrobe. It just has a way of turning heads in any fashion event and it is available in different colours, style, fabric and tones. Just be sure to grab a clutch that is large enough to house your must-have items for a night out!

The Fringe Booties

fringe boots

Gucci showed an incredible pair of fringe booties that would look flawless with everything from skinny jeans to leggings, hoodies to blouses while adding an impeccable fashion-forward spring to your step. Your wardrobe is definitely not complete without the fringe booties.  In terms of silhouettes, if you prefer longer skirt or dresses, then this fringe style is not an appropriate choice for you. The fringed pumps can be paired with a short sexy skirt and a graphic tee.

How will you rock this look?

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