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True Talk: My friend’s enemy should be my enemy?

This week on True Talk is the question posed by one of our blog readers on her instagram page. It is a dilenma that many of us are faced with in the ships we are aboard. By ships I mean, friendships, relationships and partnerships. Should the enemy of your freind become your own enemy. Let’s hear from Obumneme Ibekwe

I have been struggling to understand and find the best answer to this question for a while now and I just got a hold of it.

When you have two friends who have chosen to be enemies, you are confused as to whether to make one the enemy. In most cases, you pick the one whom you are not as close to and make him or her an enemy from a battle that you probably have no clue about.

After being faced with this for a long time, I came up with these two recommendations:

Allow people to prove themselves:

Rather than rely on what people have said about someone, you be the judge based on what the person does to you. I have seen people burn bridges with a friend and in the end, the one whom they took sides with becomes the one that is actually the enemy.

Be a mediator and not a meddler:

Do not pour gasoline on a raging fire rather, help those at war to find peace. I know this can be difficult as even Christians sometimes fall short of doing this.

In all, I still have a question for us all….. is deception a way to win friends? Shouldn’t you be wary of friends that make you fight their battles but yet go behind you, make peace with the ‘enemy’ in question?

Your thoughts will be highly appreciated!

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