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Tunes: High Notes by Banky W

The much awaited single from Banky W, High Notes, is finally here.  Cobhams produced High Notes by Banky W and the combination of good voice and a great producer is all we hear in this track.While Banky’s lyrics were quite emotional and sonorous enough to get you in that mode of ‘Strong thing’, the keys were beyond amazing. The combination of sounds makes this a perfect track for any movie sound track and I look forward to hearing this as the sound track for some high end movie as well.

Banky seemed really excited about this single as he mailed his fans yesterday evening expressing his gratitude to them for their loyalty over the years and went on to let us know that the video was already shot and set to be released next week. The email read:

“Hey hey hey…

I apologize for the delay in releasing this, but I hope you enjoy listening to my brand new single… thanks for all the support you’ve given me through the years, and for allowing me to live out my dreams. I wouldn’t be here without y’all; you’ve shown love and appreciation for my craft; I was crazy enough to think that I could do this for a living, and y’all were kind enough to actually let me, and for that I’m eternally grateful.

I’ve directed the video for the song already, and it drops next week, as soon as we’re done editing; the audio track will probably surface on Radio any moment from now, but I felt like sharing it with the people that mean the most to me first… family, friends, and biggest fans.

Enjoy “High Notes”, please stay tuned for the video, and for so much more from the entire EME family, and myself.

~ B.W.

PS: If anyone asks you to share the song with them, you can definitely do that… OR better yet, you can send ’em over to iTunes so I can make some money back. Lol.

PPS: If you’re REALLY feeling the song, and/or REALLY feeling gracious, you could use the artwork on any of your social media platforms… make it your IG dp, tweet it, Facebook, whatever comes naturally. Me love you long time for that :-)”

Let us allow you to listen and let us know if you would recommend this to another like we just did to y’all.


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